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Faith's Temptation


The deafening thud that emanated from the doors as they sealed off the Worlds-Between sent most creatures clamoring against their thick, iron-clad fixtures with a mixture of fear, desperation and horrified fatalism. I glanced at the demon next to me who clung to his chains in desolation and watched misery swirl in his putrid yellow eyes. Frantically he jerked against his irons, finally balking now that his punishment loomed before him.

Personally, for me, the Lower Rungs of Hell no longer held their horrific appeal.

“Ye'll never get away with this, Faith,” he squelched, his voice squeezing down its fear while he pulled against his restraints.

“Seems I already have you, third-class gas-belching poltergeist.” I wrapped the heavy chain connected to his throat around my wrist, gave it a good hard pull and jerked the demon towards me. Misfortune stumbled him forward enough for me to spin out and plant a good kick into his solar plexus. The demon doubled over in an undignified heap.

I couldn't help but smile. Damn lower demons anyway. Like I had nothing better to do on my day off than roust one out of the local rectory. The stupid thing just about gave old Lady Coolidge a heart attack when she came in to clean up the church for the next morning's mass.

I know what you're thinking; Demons can't go into a church. But I ask you, 'Why not?' Even God believes the Devil exists. Besides, what better soul to steal than a believer.

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