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Angels and Demons

Do You Believe in Angels or Demons?

God Does...


The English word Angel originated from Latin—angelus, which is derived from the Greek word angelos - meaning “messenger.” It also comes from the Hebrew word mal’ach - also meaning messenger.

There is a branch of theology that deals with and studies the hierarchical system of angels called Angelology. They study the messengers, their celestial powers, emanations and their entire hierarchical system in the Judaism and Christian religion.

Many people believe that each individual, usually at birth, is given a Guardian Angel to accompany them, act as their guide throughout their life. Throughout the Bible and the majority of religions Angels are referenced. They are portrayed as superhuman, powerful and foreboding, possessing wisdom and the knowledge of all earthly events. They are correct in their judgment, but not infallible. And, they strive against each other. When this occurs, it is God who must make peace between them.

The Bible states that Angels are the medium of God’s power. That they exist to execute His will. There are also Avenging Angels, such as the one mentioned in II Sam. xxiv. 15, who annihilated thousands. Which leads us to “Evil Angels.” Mentioned in Ps lxxviii 49, “evil” is to be taken in a causative sense. For generally, Angels are to be considered by nature beneficent to man.

But what about The Fallen? Is that not why they fell? Or, at least part of it? Is that not partly why there was a war in Heaven? Or was the war merely fiction? Are the scholars learned or are they too authors of fantasy? Where did there facts on Heaven’s War - or non-war come from? Have you read your Bible lately? What is it that you believe?


Demonology is the systematic study of demons or beliefs about demons. Demonology is primarily bases on Christian views and gets its frame work from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments. It is mainly studied within the Roman Catholic Church, although other churches do not deny the existence of demons.

As Shakespeare once wrote - "There is much between Heaven and Hell. Of course, in today’s world it is difficult to deny the existence of evil in the world."

According to the Bible’s Book of Revelation - Demons are the angels that fell from Heaven with Satan when he chose to rebel against God. There are estimates of how many angels fell, a hierarchy of Hell, and some who believe that demons are the offspring of angels and man.

It is said some have many powers and some possess but one. Though the how of knowing I wouldn’t care to know myself. It is said that demons try to make people abandon their faith, take over the faithless, harass, demoralize, and impugn the faithful. They are generally described as monstrous in appearance, but can take on whatever form needed to deceive in order to accomplish their mission.

And, it is said that their one true goal is to obliterate the followers God, condemning all mankind to the fire’s of Hell.

So, In the War between Good and Evil — Whose side will you be on?